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About Us

Company Profile

VoicePC was conceived by Waleed Qirbi, who developed a visual disability while completing his MBA at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. In order to ensure that his educational experience was equal to that of his peers, Mr. Qirbi developed the prototype VoicePC in order to "enable" himself to complete his degree requirements. Beginning in February 2001, a team of qualified professionals was brought together to make the core team of VoicePC, and the company began development of a number of products aimed at making the "VoicePC" the standard for Speech Recognition enabled computing.


VoicePC is currently developing relationships with a number of strategic partners. They include national organizations, colleges, universities and other educational institutions, and various special needs groups. Also, by working closely with specific software developers, the company is kept up to date with the latest advancements in this area of the PC world. Working closely with partners like Nuance, Voice Automated, and Corel made VoicePC a viable solution.

VoicePC is pleased to acknowledge its strategic partnerships with:

Strategic Partners

Technology Support

VoicePC delivers a product that fully integrates hardware and software into a bundled solution. By providing installation and training by trained professionals, we take the risk and guesswork out of buying a computer. Our Support Centre is accessible at all hours for an immediate response to our clients and their needs.

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